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Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences


  • Providing broad access to content of digital libraries, mainly to the Czech Digital Library a and to the Digital Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Enriching content of digital libraries by volume and quality of data and metadata.
  • Development of software tools, applications and services connected to production, dissemination and archiving of digital content at libraries
  • Providing information infrastructure for digital humanities oriented projects such us Memori or Historical correspondence

Core team

  • Investigator: Ing. Martin Lhoták 
  • Administrator: Ing. Daniela Blažková
  • Realization team: Mgr. Martina Nezbedová, Mgr. Markéta Tůmová, Ing. Gabriela Melingerová, Filip Kersch, PhDr. Veronika Sladká, Mgr. Vojtěch Šícha, Mgr. Vendula Vráblíková, Michal Borecký